This is a test

I must test this

As hard as I’ve tried over the years, I have NOT been able to dispel one of the greatest myths of online business.

This myth goes like this: “If you provide free content, people will want to buy your stuff.”

That’s a lot like saying, “Build a business and customers will come! Create any product and people will buy it!” (If only that were true right?)

In reality, free content is like anything else in business. It can either be the greatest thing since the invention of the Internet – or it can be the destructive force that hurts your chances of making more sales.

And if you’re currently NOT making sales you want through your posts, webinars, videos or emails, or you’re starting out and are just now looking for ways to turn your free content into actual sales…

Then I urge you to read on, because what I have to share with you today will change everything you do in free content from now on…

The Plight of the Average Entrepreneur:
Over the years, I’ve seen so many well-meaning entrepreneurs get stuck in the same painful cycle with content. They will stay up late, get up early, and chew up valuable free time just to churn out pieces of free content.

And what do they get as a reward for sacrificing their time, energy and talent? Absolutely nothing. Maybe a few comments on a blog post or Facebook update – but no significant change in sales.

I’m sure you can imagine how frustrating, how demoralizing it is to constantly create what you consider to be great videos, engaging blog posts, and thoughtful emails – only to see no change whatsoever in sales.

What these well-meaning entrepreneurs don’t understand is your free content is a HUGE part of your marketing. It can be the MOST important part of your marketing. You have to be strategic in that marketing if you want to get ahead in business.

Otherwise, everything you’re doing in your free content (and your marketing) is actually working against you – and not for you.